About Us

Our Mission:

"It's one less thing for me to worry about knowing my flight has been delayed before I give back my key and have to wait in an airport for who knows how long!"

It is our mission to provide the most accurate, live flight information available, to travellers before they reach the airport.

Our Vision

It is our vision to alleviate travel related stress and prevent unnecessary waiting at the airport, by notifying travellers of their flight statuses, before they reach the airport.

PromoWare's parent company Terminal Systems International (TSI) has been in the airport industry for over ten years. After watching the continuously growing amount of delayed and cancelled flights, TSI went into Research and Development to produce an easy-to-use system to obtain flight information outside of the airport. After Lobby FIDS was created and tested in Edmonton hotels, the software development company PromoWare Corp. was formed. Lobby FIDS was officially launched in November of 2007, and is now serving hotels throughout Western Canada. Expansion into Eastern Canada and the United States are forecasted.

Lobby FIDS displays live rotating arrival/departures timetables that are synched to your local airport authority's flight information system. The silver box technology allows timetables to run off virtually any LCD with a VGA/PC input, with your existing internet connection. Installation is simple! All you have to do, is plug the little silver box into an LCD, provide two power outlets, and an internet cable, then you will be providing your guests with live flight information. Just like that!

Lobby FIDS is now seen in hotels in Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria, Vancouver, Yellowknife and Ottawa. Lobby FIDS makes the job for your employees easier and more efficient. PromoWare has received overflowing feedback from Guests, Front Desk Personnel, Concierge, Shuttle Drivers and Management. Happy employees are motivated employees and happy guests are returning guests.

"We have received wonderful comments about the system, it was a great idea!"

      Marla Preston, GM Radisson Hotel Saskatchewan

The Lobby FIDS System is identified as a global product. Similar programs are used in Central America, Australia and Asia. PromoWare is a Canadian based company dedicated to bringing this globally demanded product to businesses throughout North America.

Lobby Requirements

  • Internet Connection
  • LCD Monitor with VGA/PC input
  • Two ordinary power outlets

The Internet connection must be DHCP with no unusual restrictions on outgoing HTTP connections. Except for dial-up connections, most connections meet these requirements without requiring any changes.

***32 inch is the most commonly used size of screen, anything larger enhances the appearance of the information.

Wireless is made available upon the disclosure of network information. PromoWare recommends a hard-line connection for a more consistent distribution of the flight information.

For more information on the digital amenity that is taking over the hospitality industry see our PowerPoint presentation.
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