The system is great, it is not only a great service to our guests, but it is very valuable for our staff, more specifically the shuttle drivers.
Jenni Bruce
General Manager
Chateau Nova
I had a guest check his flight on his laptop in his room before leaving the hotel, and as he was leaving he noticed that the screen in the lobby indicated a delay. The guest called the airport to check this inconsistency to learn that his flight was in fact delayed and the information in the lobby was correct. The guest turned around and went back to his room to wait for his flight relieved that he did not depart to the airport.

I see more and more people using the system daily as my office parallels the front desk. It is a huge convenience that people can just look at the screen and get their flight information without the hassle of having to log onto the internet.
Nicolas Bloom
General Manager
Heritage Inn Saskatoon
We had a storm recently and we had many guests come to the lobby to check their flights and return to their rooms and go back to sleep. They really appreciated this service. The system is being used regularly and has added value for our customers.
Ryan Prafke
Operations Manager
Holiday Inn Express Saskatoon
We have had wonderful comments about the system, it was a great idea.
Marla Preston General Manager Hotel Saskatchewan
Looks great in the lobby, and we have had a lot of great guest feedback! With the weather the last few days it has been a real plus for guests who would rather wait at the hotel than sit at the airport.
Ian Johnson Rooms Division Manager Hotel Saskatchewan
ALL off the staff here love it and think it's a wonderful idea.
Jon Treseng Technical Concierge & six sigma green belt The Westin Edmonton
It's one less thing for me to worry about knowing my flight has been delayed before I give back my key and have to wait in an airport for who knows how long!
Guest Regina Inn and Conference Centre
Feedback has been great so far, especially with the airport being heavily impacted by weather earlier this week
Robert Blackwell GM Delta Hotel South & Conference Centre Edmonton
The System looks TERRIFIC!!!
Jim Wirun CHA General Manager Sawridge Inn Edmonton

Why Lobby FIDS should be in YOUR lobby!

  • Air travel is now mainstream and delays and cancellations happen daily

  • Guests are already indirectly asking for this service-asking front desk, using the business center, asking concierge

  • People asking for information is a MAJOR issue

  • Show your guests that you are evolving with their needs by providing the most modern amenities

  • Brand loyalty cannot be measured tangibly, but it is what everyone wants to establish, provide something memorable!

  • Cater to the jet setters, they are the ones that will likely return!

  • Keep your Business Centre for business!

  • Seniors and technically limited appreciate the simplicity of the service

  • How often does an airline notify your guests of delays?

  • Everyone provides a bed to sleep in, what kind of extra services are you offering to be different?

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